Talents Value


We offer you preliminary information and reporting services with our Personality analysis tests, which enable institutions to recognize, develop and manage their employees and candidate employees.

Services We Offer
Within the Scope of Talents Value


We prepared our personality assessment tests to produce rational solutions for recruitment process management and corporate needs.

Personal Adaptation Scale

By considering the person's behavior psycho-socially, we determine the positive aspects of the individual and the aspects that need to be improved.

Recruitment Process

We make it easier for you to reach the right person with the Talents Value triple test application and our detailed reporting service before the interview.

Educational Planning

With the reports we prepare, we offer accurate, effective and applicable training content planning that guides you in achieving your goals.


As a result of the tests we carry out, we prepare simple, understandable reports that will enable you to determine your corporate needs.

Ease of Use

You can access and use our tests by easily accessing them from your Mac, PC or mobile devices.

Language Support

Our database and application support Turkish, English and Russian languages.


You can log in to the web interface panel whenever you want.

Simple Design

The prepared reports and platform have simple and understandable designs.

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