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We offer training and consultancy services with our innovative approaches that will enable institutions and individuals to achieve their goals in their development and change processes.

First, we design special training programs for you by doing a precise analysis of your institution’s needs with Personality Ability tests. Then, we turn this adventure into an effective learning process with our interactive training methods.

By placing the Gamification method at the center of our training, we offer you solutions in the fields of Communication, Awareness, Leadership, Team Spirit, Stress Management, Sales and Marketing.

For the development of your corporate awareness, we share with you the simple and understandable Training Evaluation Report at the end of our collaboration.


Start with Small Steps and Run!


We closely follow the world that progresses and changes every day, and we update and design our +Q education content along with it.


For a long time we have asked questions about the complexity and direction of the current education structure.


We started to investigate what we can about what or what not to change in the education structure according to today’s conditions.


We observed that the participants needed to better understand the issues they were dealing with, and that the narrators had problems with efficient expression.


When we researched all the processes of education in detail, we reached a consensus on the necessity of a logical change in the ingrained classical education approach according to the needs of the 21st century.


Gamification and game-based learning methods, which are becoming a trend today, have enabled us to design learning processes effectively.

Planning and Design

By adopting the logic of gamified and game-based education, we based our education plans on this discipline.

Abdülfettah Özdal is an education entrepreneur, educator, education coach and co-founder of Artofedu, who designs development processes and organizational designs in line with the needs of institutions.

Özdal, who is married and the father of two children, has long-term teaching experience and has adopted an innovative approach by designing corporate solutions and trainings.

Özdal started his professional life in private educational institutions and has taken a key role in many projects by integrating his deep knowledge and extensive experience gained during his educational life with education and technology in different disciplines.

Within the scope of the Thematic Excursion Project, he pioneered the acquisition of a new experience for young people with the trip project organized to the CERN experimental center in Geneva, Switzerland.

He provided student coaching and consultancy for students in the YKS (Higher Education Institutions Examination) process by analyzing the factors that directly affect exam success. His student, who ranked first in 2018 YKS Türkiye, was the success of a 4-year counseling process. In addition, he gathered a team of teachers under the brand “B12”, which he founded, and offered extensive consultancy services.

He launched Vizyon Ders digital platform in 2012, in order for students and parents to quickly and easily reach the teacher they are looking for.

He successfully graduated from the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP) training held in Berlin in 2013 and received the title and certificate of International Physics Teacher.

Between 2010 and 2012, he managed the content preparation, presentation and process regarding the transition to digital education and educational technologies in private educational institutions. In this field, he developed strategies to ensure that students and teachers are ready for the future.

He directed the event with the idea of “12 Original Ideas, 12 Speakers” under the TEDEd brand, which was one of the first conferences organized by TEDX in Turkey.

He took part in organizing widely attended events called Science Festival in order for it to be experienced and popularized science lessons in private schools. He designed environments where students could showcase their projects and express themselves.

Özdal’s event management skills have supported the successful completion of prestigious organizations such as the Future is in Education Association’s Preschool Education Summit.

In addition, with the Level 1 certificate obtained in the field of gamification, he has brought an innovative approach to educational techniques with different perspectives.

He created and hosted a 52-episode program called İlmin Öncüleri (Pioneers of Science) on TGRT FM for the recognition and awareness of Turkish scientists.

Believing that education and awareness are not only under the roof of a school, Özdal started to transfer his knowledge to business world so that the working teams are equipped with innovative training techniques.

In 2019, he started a new formation in the real estate sector by starting a consultancy training initiative. He designed the recruitment processes, orientation trainings and adaptation of individuals to the corporate culture.

He has enabled Liv Yapı, Bizimevler Güzelce, Onn Invest, Win in Turkey institutions, who are operating in real estate business, to increase their success rates by planning process-wide trainings in the fields of customer relations, sales process and management, and personal development.

He started to provide recruitment process management consultancy and orientation training at the initial stages of real estate projects in Uzbekistan and has provided consultancy services to many companies such as; Akfa Holding, Gardens Residence, Bizning Uylar, Dream City Development.

Furthermore, he provided consultancy and training coaching in the recruitment and orientation training processes of the sales and promotion teams of the largest logistics and distribution center in Central Asia, which was projected in Tashkent in 2021.

Abdülfettah Özdal, who also has experience in the field of human resources and talent management; managed the implementation of the Talents Value project, which provides preliminary information about the Psycho-Social status of individuals, as well as the Enneagram test and Personality Inventory.

The existence of detailed reporting on maximizing the potential of human resources, the most valuable assets of institutions, and guidance in the recruitment processes made the Talents Value project successful.

He also took steps to follow the personality development of students by integrating the Talents Value project into the field of education. In addition to enabling the guidance service provided to students to be more effective with inventories such as Vocational Orientation, Exam Anxiety, and Efficient Studying, he prepared the infrastructure for digital monitoring of their development process as well.

Today, Abdülfettah Özdal carries out his work under the Art of Edu brand, which he founded, to produce understandable, target-oriented and analytical solutions in the field of human resources and education with innovative approaches.

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