Corporate Training


Today, the need to adapt to the rapidly changing and developing business world dynamics and competencies is increasing in a fast pace. We closely follow this process and the changing world and re-update and design our +Q training contents.

We are here to offer you solutions that will support your business end-to-end with our innovative training designs that will enable institutions to achieve their goals in their development and change processes!


By placing the Gamification method at the center of our training, we provide training in the fields of Communication, Awareness, Leadership, Team Spirit, Stress Management, Sales and Marketing.


Communication at Work

Break the Ice so that new members of the team do not feel lonely and overwhelmed, but can build relationships and learn about the corporate culture.

Unleash Your Abilities

We support you in discovering your potential, exceeding your limits and achieving
the positive developments you aim
for in all areas of life.

The Key to Strategic Success

We ensure that you know your strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats, and develop your ability to act accordingly.

Leadership in Tomorrow's World

Innovative leaders break away from traditional methods and encourage new ideas, support productivity and encourage risk-taking.

Positive Corporate

We enable your team to increase corporate success with positive energy integrity by creating a common purpose and goal unity.

Turn Stress into Opportunity

We support you to progress successfully in competitive environments with controlled and manageable stress.

Customer Relationship

We help you gain a place in the customer's heart by sharing ways to effectively convey the value of the product or service to the customer.

Do You Have a Message for the Employee?

Let your corporate culture turn into strength with employees feeling the corporate goals in their hearts and the unity of common values.


Wouldn't you like to solve & improve your corporate
training needs by having a new experience too?