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The goals, dynamics and needs of every institution are different. As a result of the interrogative personality tests we apply to your institution, our questions and our interviews with you, we understand you thoroughly and produce the corporate solutions that best suit your needs.

When you want to go one step further, when you aim for innovation and corporate development, when you have difficulty in workflows, we are here for you with our dynamic and gamified entertaining content based on research, knowledge and experience.

If you too have specific needs for your institution, you can contact us immediately.

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Corporate Training

We plan and implement the training you need with gamification, Case Study and interactive presentation techniques, and ensure the continuity of the training process when necessary.

Recruitment Process Management

In order to reach the proper human resources, we enable you to manage the recruitment processes effectively by providing pre-interview information with our triple test applications.

Orientation Trainings

We prepare content for your new team members to get used to the corporate culture and workflow processes.

Marketing Strategies

We plan your ability to use your existing resources and develop and implement a sales strategy.

Customer Relations Management

We prepare strategies to ensure customer continuity, training solutions that will support you in providing more value to your existing customer base and obtaining more value from them.


The key to strategic success is knowing strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats and the ability to act accordingly. We enable you to get to know your business through corporate SWOT analysis.

Corporate Culture

We plan training content and solution steps that will enable employees to feel the corporate culture and belonging.

Special Trainings for Teams

We prepare and implement training content and solution steps specific to the needs and developments of different departments of your institution.

Social Responsibility Project

We carry out project managements that aim to raise awareness by producing ideas suitable for your institution's culture and brand image in the desired field.

Talents Value

With our inventory tests, we offer reporting services that enable institutions to recognize, develop and manage their employees and candidate employees.

Educational Planning

We prepare training plans that suit your needs and goals by making pinpoint determinations with our tests consisting of three different parts.

Project Oriented Solutions

We produce solutions that will contribute to your institution's special needs, projects and digital formations.

Certificate Trainings

We provide certificate training that supports the individual development of your employees.

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